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Tyme is coming to ASEAN and wants to work with you!

Submit Solutions End Date: December 9, 2020

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Join us for Tyme Challenge
  • Register

    November 12, 2020

    Bring your solution to TymeChallenge

  • Submit proposals

    November 25, 2020

    Participating teams submit their ideas to one or more of the challenge statements.

  • Shortlisting

    November 27, 2020

    Proposals will be reviewed and short-listed by Tyme's operations and technology teams across South Africa, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

  • Solution Submission

    Nov 28 - Dec 9, 2020

    Shortlisted participants will be asked to submit their technology solutions into APIX.

  • Winner Announcement

    December 10, 2020

    Evaluation and selection of award winners by a combination of the Tyme team and an independent judging panel

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About E-Hackathon

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Tyme Challenge

Tyme, South Africa’s leading digital bank, invites partners for “high tech – high touch” digital banking in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. We bring our successful South Africa experience. You bring your Asia-honed solutions. Together, we create ASEAN’s first mass market digital bank network.

Tyme has launched the Tyme Challenge to transform its successful platform in South Africa to be ready-made for the mass market in ASEAN, both the served and under-served - to showcase our innovative solutions. We are looking for technology solutions to enhance our approach - bringing banking to where you shop.

Tyme Challenge seeks to showcase the potential for new innovative technologies to resolve operational problems in the areas of retail store integration, ecommerce payments, eKYC , and regulatory reporting.

Problem Statements

Tyme is bringing its solutions from Africa and is looking to identify partners to strengthen its "go to market" strategy in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. We are looking for firms that have the potential and experience to solve the following industry Problem Statements for retail integration, ecommerce payments, eKYC and regulatory reporting.


Join us to build digital banks in ASEAN.

Winning teams will be invited into commercial discussions with Tyme for our market entry into our three target countries: Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. We have estimated potential commercial contract values for each Problem Statement. These are real challenges that we need partners to solve with us. The potential commercial contracts are subject to terms and conditions.

Tyme Retail Integration Award

A potential Tyme contract for this service is estimated at US$3,000 monthly fee plus a US$0.02 per transaction fee.

Tyme Direct Payment and Vouchering Award

A potential Tyme contract for this service is estimated at US$3,000 monthly fee plus a US$0.02 per transaction fee. We estimate 500,000 transactions per month.

Tyme eKYC Award

A potential Tyme contract for this service is estimated at a US$3,000 monthly fee plus a US$0.30 per event fee. We estimate 100,000 events per month at scale.

Tyme Regulatory Reporting Award

A potential Tyme contract for this service is estimated at US$100,000 annually.


  • We welcome business participants from all backgrounds and geographies, but we do ask for knowledge of the Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam markets.
  • Participants must be an incorporated entity. Sorry but we cannot entertain individuals for this Hackathon.
  • The Hackathon will operate in English. All materials and communications submitted in connection with the Hackathon must be in English.


How broadly may I answer the problem statements?

We are looking for creative solutions to meet our problem statements. We are open to your solutions and look forward to hearing how to solve the problems we have put forward - which are real life challenges.

May I participate in multiple problem statement categories?

Companies may participate in multiple problem statements. However due to the variety of topics covered in the problem statements, it is recommended that teams submit proposals for problem statements that are clearly within their area of expertise.

Must I be a registered company?

Yes, Tyme Challenge is only for registered companies.

How do I insure my intellectual property?

Your proposal in response to the problem statement(s) and – if applicable, in the event that you are shortlisted – your technical solution must be submitted via the APIX Platform. By participating you represent and warrant that you have all the necessary authorizations, permissions, licenses and agreements to participate in the Hackathon and to all material uploaded to or developed on the APIX Platform, and that your participation and your submissions are in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

You will retain exclusive ownership of your intellectual property rights and know-how in your submissions and in any related information that you develop on or upload to the APIX Platform during the course of the Hackathon. After the Hackathon, if you and Tyme decide to jointly create any new products or services all ownership rights will be agreed in advance in a separately agreed-upon document executed by both parties.

Does my Company need to be located in a certain jurisdiction to be selected as a winner?

Tyme is looking for the best solutions to support our soon to be established deployments in ASEAN. As a result, the hackathon is open to the global fintech ecosystem and the physical location of the company will not be considered in judging the proposed solutions. However, experience in ASEAN is preferred.

If my company does not want to participate in the Hackathon, may we reach out directly to Tyme?

Tyme is looking to learn about the greater ASEAN ecosystem through the Hackathon. It is our preference for you to use the APIX platform to reach out to us.

What is the judging process and how will the winning proposals be selected?
There will be two rounds of review. First, judges will review the written explanation of the proposals. Following the final submissions, the panel of judges will review the solution and may interview the finalist. Expert panels including Tyme and Tyme partner subject matter experts will assess the proposals for each problem statement. In the final selection, one proposal will be chosen for each problem statement.
Why should I participate in the Hackathon?

Tyme is actively pursuing digital banking in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. We are looking for partners to join us in creating mass market digital banks, using the power of retail chains for distribution. We faced the same challenges as our Problem Statements while launching TymeBank in South Africa, and are looking for solutions that fit the ASEAN market.


For TymeChallenge related queries, please reach out to

For technical queries during registration or proposal submission process, please reach out to