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Challenge 2

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Start date: November 12th, 2020 End date: November 25th, 2020

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Problem Statement Information

Payments, Digital Channels

Problem statement tags
#ecommerce #qrcode #payments

Detailed Description
Tyme’s high frequency lending platform has a buy now and pay later product within the suite. And while most online retailer are not the ideal customers of Tyme, their customers are for this product. While Tyme will not seek to be the primary payments gateway for large online retailers, the need to integrate the existing code-based transaction to effect payment for goods in the buy now pay later space on these online sites. The challenge is to enable the Tyme code-based transaction to be presented on as many of the most widely used e-commerce payment gateways using existing APIs. Evidence of transaction from token creation to acceptance and conclusion through logs and reconciliation files produced by the integrator which can be reconciled with the standard reconciliation files produced by Tyme


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